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About Landmane Illustrations - Children's Illustrator, Midlands My name is Anna Landmane. And I am a artist, illustrator, designer. Wolverhampton ( West Midlands) based. I am originally from my home country Riga, Latvia. It's the place where I spent my childhood and grew up together with my older brother and younger sister.

My love to Art- Nouveau and Surrealism art styles has inspired my own style and imaginative characters that I like to draw. There is inspiration all around us, little everyday things what could be later transformed into artwork.

I  have been creative as long as I can remember myself.. Starting with my time at school. The  teachers always entered me in drawing competitions. I remember how other children use to admire my drawings, by looking over my shoulder. Funny, because I am left handed, what seemed unusual to others, rare at the time. Nobody else was left handed in my class.After school next step was Art Collage. Riga School of Art and Crafts where I did study for 4 years. I spent half year in textiles, but it wasn't really my thing. Therefore I change department to Metal Ware, to learn jewellery making, designing trade. I quite enjoyed my time at art collage. All the creative atmosphere and like minded people, positive vibes that surrounded me. Good things inspired me on the way of becoming an artist.

After Graduating
I took a break to really understand what I wanted to do next .And learn not  to  rush into anything before I am sure, I have made the right decision. After a while I found out about Wolverhampton University  ( BA Hons Illustration Course). Then I decided to apply, sent off my application and got in. Later I started my next journey towards becoming an illustrator. Time at University has been inspirational and I have explored many  new things through my study. Overall it has been positive experience for me. As I am where I am now. Starting my own creative business, following my passion. Making my goals and dreams reality.

Being Mum
Apart from all creative stuff- making, creating, designing, drawing, I am Mum to my lovely son Aleksis, 4 and half years old. My everyday life is as normal as any other mums. Things like cooking dinner, dealing with ups and downs, bath-time, bedtime story with lots off cuddles and kisses. I love to be creative and my son loves it too. It is so exciting to watch and see all these different creative interests developing in him. My little Artist.

Even if you think you can or can't draw, take your papers, paints, pencils out today. And start doodling, scribbling, drawing something. Discover your inner Artist. Believe me, there is one in You. Art is beauty. Art is life. Art is passion. Art is lifestyle. Art is healing source. And so many other things. Art is all around us. So keep your eyes and heart open to not miss that moment when your creative spirit arrives. It sure will, at some point.


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