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Two creative souls

21 Sep 2014 18:34:15





Hiya! I am Anna and I have my little creative man Aleksis ( 4 and half ). We are two creative souls teamed up together. Big one and little one, to take You to creative journey. Some quality Mummy and Me time if You like. Be ready to Learn… Explore.. Discover.. Create… Make.. Paint.. Draw. Be creative. Have some fun and messy time , add some splash of color and happiness to your day. I am all about creating and so is my little Artist. I believe creativity is powerful, magical source. And if developed from early age could benefit your child so much  in future life. Like stimulate your child’s imagination, learn to be bold, brave experimenter and so much more. Let them explore and find their own patterns and interest through Art World.

I would like to share with You some of my early drawings. Thought may be interesting to go back in time,when I was little artist myself. At the time I was 2, 3 years old. And my sons drawings at the same age too. I was looking for similar designs, shapes in our creations. I was surprised to discover how similar they actually were. As you can see I really loved ,, Bunnies” then. But my little Artist like to draw more human shapes with all the parts of human body.



You don’t have to be artist or have any artistic skills to do this. Just let your inner child free and come to play. Don’t be afraid to have your hands splashed with paint and some other pretty messy stuff. Have a go and may be suprised about new discoveries along the creative process. Most importantly Enjoy! We can learn so much from our children. Beautiful  creative little souls. They are so open to all new, excitement and joy what every new discovery brings. Dear to explore, not afraid to make mistakes. Everything is one big adventure.

Not to be afraid of blank paper in front of You. Quotation of one of my favorite authors:

“Your children are biggest blessings of your life and they will be little only once. Put them first place and your life will blossom.” (Robin S. Sharma )

In my next blog posts I will share some fun activities, You could do together with your child. I have thought of things I found interesting, exciting and fun to do as child myself. What I am sure my little Artist and You lovely people will appreciate and enjoy too.


Are You ready? Lets start and see where your creative journey will take you.

Creative Collage making. (bits & bobs + glue + paper)

21 Sep 2014 12:38:13
This is the ONE I love the most. There is no any rules or directions. There is no right or wrong. You can go as mad as you want. Go as creative as you want. Use as much media as possible. Do whatever your heart and inspiration desire . The more you experiment, the better. Let yourself free. Splash colors, use sprinkle of glitter over the paper, use some patterned paper, magazine cutouts. Just enjoy making process together with your little Artist.

Cover your working space with old newspapers, to protect carpet and furniture
Put big paper on the floor. would recommend A3. Depending how much stuff you have. And how long you want to spend time on creating piece No structure. Use anything and everything.

Can try to use some household items to create different textures ( dry leaves, coins, bubble wrap paper, etch. ). Can press them into paint or lay paper over and use crayons to rub across the top of paper and your child will learn too. Various textures and shapes what could be created.
Glad You came. Hope You have enjoyed your time. And hopefully will come back for more. Till then keep crafting,be kept in your making, exploring and treasure each scribble, line, doodle, split of paint your little Artists create. They all are treasure and should kept in your “Special Box ” .

“Children arrive in this world more intelligent. to teach us those lessons of life, we still have to learn.”

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