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Spray painting (toothbrush + watercolor)

21 Sep 2014 11:37:19

This is very easy method of creating some splatter, sprinkle piece of Art. Easy to do and again develop new skills. Explore something new and just play around.

Old toothbrush, some watercolors paper, plastic containers.


Cover your work space with old newspapers or magazines.
Squeeze some amount of each of the colors into plastic containers.
Dip the toothbrush into one of the paints.
Holding the toothbrush over the paper, quickly run your finger firmly over the paint on to the paper.
Continue to do this with different color paints.
Let dry


Draw and cut out different shapes ( animals, flowers, ech. )
Put masking tape at the back of each shape.
Arrange them on your paper and press firmly on each shape.
Prepare colors you want to use.
Make your paint runny by adding water.
Start brushing across the paper as it sprays around the shapes.
Until all is covered with sprinkles .
Repeat with other colors too.
Let dry.

Straw blowing art ( straw + blowing + art )

21 Sep 2014 11:18:40
This is one of my favorite activities. Kids will love it and believe me You ll too once have done it. Pretty messy stuff, but so much fun to make. Each time you create something totally amazing appears. Exciting, isnít it? Lets start!

Paper, watercolors or runny paint,paintbrushes,straws.

Using brush. add as many as possible different color blobs on to your paper randomly. Just make sure keep paint runny by using enough water. Then take a straw, hold it close to paper and blow. Can try this -blow different directions, that will make the paint spread. Blow from right above- make the paint burst. Different colors will create interesting designs, shapes, patterns.

By using large piece of paper you can create some pretty wall art to frame. Using primary colors, to demonstrate child how colors mixing can create different colors.

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